Hi, I’m Emi(ly)

I am a visual designer, illustrator, letterer, artist, and colorist based out of San Francisco.

I love painting, traveling, David, and spotting typefaces in the wild.

Ghent Typeface

My full-character cheeky stencil type family with an affinity for abstracted and rounded forms.

Love & Corona

Planning for a spring wedding, and for a fall wedding — both with the same groom!

Lob Rebrand

Fully rebranded the company and redesigned (& rebuilt! 💪) the website

Alt Brand

Developed foundational brand for Alt, an alternative asset platform valued at over $100M.

Fine Art Painting

While I’m proud to be able to call myself a full-stack, multidisciplinary designer, I'm proudest to call myself an artist.

Misc. Illustration & Lettering

Coming soon! (there’s a lot to cover)

For collaborations, projects, or recent work